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The EMI GALA Fashion Awards

The nominees and winners for the fashion awards categories will be chosen objectively by a selected committee formed by high-profile experts in the fashion industry, based on their yearly achievements and creations. The winners will then be announced & awarded with the Emi Gala Award during the ceremony.


Emi Gala 2021 Best Dressed

The EMI GALA  2021 Best Dressed awards will be chosen by the EMI GALA  Fashion Jury committee, composed of another group of specialist in the fashion & beauty industries, that will be present during the event, and choose the 3 best looks for men & women among the attendees of the fashion awards ceremony. Every guest and attendee will be given the opportunity to walk on the catwalk in front of the EMI GALA Fashion Jury committee, display their look and be the star of the night.

The EMI GALA  2021 Best Dressed winners will be awarded a special award, different from the award presented to the fashion honorees.

Core Event Segments

This event will feature a luxurious dinner and entertainment shows by local and international performers, and will also be linked to a humanitarian program “Together For a Better Tomorrow” that supports different social causes throughout the years.


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